Company Restoration

Company Restoration is the process by which a dissolved (struck off) company is restored to the register held at companies house. Based on Companies House Act 2006 you can either restore the Company by Court Order or administratively restore the company. Discretionary Grants can also be awarded in situations where bank accounts have been frozed following dissolution.

Court Order Restoration

If a DS01 form (to dissolve a company voluntarily) was filed, then the company must be restored via the Courts. You have the option to either continue trading with the company, or recover assets.

£308 (no VAT charged) payable to the Court

£300 (no VAT charged) payable to the Registrar of Companies

Our fees from £600

Farrer and Co costs, if applicable see Additional Fees

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Administrative Restoration

If the company was struck off due to non-compliance (failure to file the statutory documents) then you are eligible to use the administrative restoration method.

£64 (no VAT charged) Treasury Solicitors fee

£100 (no VAT charged) Registrar of Companies fee

Our fees £140

Annual Return filing fees and late filing penalties, if applicable

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Discretionary Grant

The Bona Vacantia division (BVD) of the Government Legal Department deals with applications for discretionary grants from bona vacantia assets.

Bona Vacantia Division (BVD) fee (usually £300 - no VAT charged)

In addition to BVD fee where grant is over £750, BVD also keep 5% of the value of the grant after deducting costs

Our fees £200

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Why not take advantage of our Corporate Drafting Service or, if you are looking for basic compliance support our Company Secretary service is ideal for this purpose.

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